3-D Model

Below is the 3-D model of the Nepalese female figurine. Notice that there are pigments on her chest suggesting that the wooden figure was painted at one time but the paint is no longer present. The 3D image is better at showing this color difference because as it easier to zoom in and notice the finer details rather than what is visible to the naked eye as the object is on display. For example, the scratches on her face or the wear on her arm are not as visibly noticeable with the human eye; however, there are some sections where the model lacks accuracy. For example, between the legs of the figure there is a streak of white color variation caused by the glare of the lights that could not be edited out. Additionally, in many of the holes and creases, it was difficult to get an even amount of light in these locations, so the 3D model is not as useful as the original to view these parts of the object. Yet overall, the model is a very accurate representation of the object and able to distinguish fine details. Moreover, such representations of the object in 3-D imaging adds to the preservation and further research of this object.

3-D Model of Female Wooden Nepalese Figure