Museum Collection

The Nepalese female figurine would best be viewed in a museum collection that studies the various appearances of Yakshis and Yakshas throughout the Himalayan region. The appearance of these deities is so varied, most likely as a result of it being worshipped since antiquity, that each representation is very diverse. It would be educational to the viewer to not only learn more about this type of deity but also understand how spirits in rural areas who were worshipped became incorporated into major religions of the area. This was mostly to convert others to the major religions so there would be more followers.

Furthermore, the artifact would best be displayed in a general and clear background, such as a white and brightly light case, so the only difference between it and other artifacts is clear and well known. For the purpose of the exhibit, it would make the artifact more easily comparable to others. Moreover, if it was possible to display the artifact in a 360o fashion so the viewer could examine all sides and angles of the figure it would also aid in the exhibit with regards to comparison of artifacts.