3-D Print Critique

The 3D online model was utilized to aid in printing a  3-D print of the model using a 3D printer. This was done to create a tangible comparison to the actual object to better understand its shape. However, the 3D print replica is lacking many of the finer details that showed up on the point cloud and the actual object. For example, the scratches in the object’s face are not recognizable in the replica. There is also a lack of detail on the pedestal compared to the original. In the replica, her feet meld into the platform whereas in the original they are two separate pieces. Nonetheless, the 3D print was able to show some of the detail in the figurine's hair and her sash. Thus, even though the 3D replica was not nearly as detailed as the original, it still offered a good representation of the object’s size and relative proportions as well as major details.