There is minimal archived information about this object. Firstly, the donor wanted to be anonymous so that prevented further research to inquire about the authenticity of the background information of the object. However, the archival file did list the names Mr & Ms. Gavour Rouben; but, it is unknown if these names were an alias or an actual person. Nevertheless, the document goes on to describe that Mr. & Ms. Gavour Rouben acquired the object while living in Kathmandu, Nepal from an “antiques dealer.” There is no way to prove the authenticity of the supposed “antique dealer” but the object was approved for removal from Nepal by Dr. Mastsie who is a curator of a museum in Katmandu.  The object was accepted into the University of New Hampshire Museum collection on December 7th, 1990. As a result of this acceptance occuring about 30 years ago, it is difficult to validate much of the information because names and locations have changed making it more difficult to investigate more into the background and provenance of the object. However, since the figurine was checked by a relevant outside source in Nepal before removal by Mr. & Ms. Gavour Rouben it is more than likely that it is probably a legal acquisition. Nevertheless, whether the aquisition of the artifact by Mr. & Ms. Gavour Rouben from the "antiques dealer"  is valid or not remains to be seen.