How are the marine carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and iron cycles linked and how will they respond to climate change?

What are the processes by which the subtropical ocean gyres obtain nutrients and how will these change with time in the world's largest biome?

How will marine plankton be affected by 21st century climate change and what are the important associated feedbacks with the climate system?

What are the mechanisms and rates of nutrient recycling in the ocean interior and nutrient return pathways to the surface to sustain marine productivity?

What are the mechanisms that sequester carbon in the deep ocean as long-lived refractory dissolved organic carbon?


These are some of the fundamental questions that inspire my research. I tackle these questions using a variety of tools including numerical models of ocean circulation and biogeochemical cycles, field observations, and laboratory experiments.                                                   Google Scholar page


Assistant Professor

University of New Hampshire                                     140 Morse Hall

Earth Sciences &                                                               8 College Road

Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory, EOS               Durham, NH 03824 USA



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