I am an Assistant Professor of Linguistics, housed in the linguistics program in the English department of the University of New Hampshire. 

My main research area is in intonation, mostly focusing on variation, but I'm also interested in more general questions of intonational meaning, including social meaning. I'm particularly interested in Jewish languages; my dissertation work looked at Yiddish influences on Jewish English. I also work on vowels, including some work on variation and predictability with Cynthia Clopper and Rory Turnbull, and an ongoing project on changes in vowels in Northern New England.  

Check out the CV and Publication pages to see more of my work. 

A note on my names: 

"Steindel" is my middle name; "Burdin" is my last name. If you happen to be citing me, please do so as Burdin, Rachel Steindel, or Burdin, R. S. Both "Steindel" and "Burdin" are iambic, not trochiac, and are pronounced [stɑɪnˈdɛɫ bɹ̩ˈdin], rather than, say [ˈstɑɪndɫ̩ ˈbɹ̩dn̩]. My pronouns are she/her/hers.