This could be your new place to be home!


A Place To Be Home is a summer camp for kids/teens (ages 10-18) and Young Adults (ages 19-25). We also offer community group sessions for adults and parents on topics related to their kids and within their own lives.

A Program created to give an opportunity to bond individuals of the same age range and bring a sense of comfort.

Kids are encouraged to have fun and build teamworking skills within groups. They have the opportunity to appreciate nature, literature and make lasting friendships. (4 week program)

Adults and Parents have the opportunity to attend sessions that focus on a particular topic and form bonds within their own community.  (Weekly Sessions)

*Notice* An adult does not need to have a child enrolled in the summer camp to attend any adult or parent sessions, but sessions come free with child enrollment.

Summer Camp Fight
Please check out "Jane Eyre" to read about the founder


Who is Jane Eyre?


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The Lesson To Inspire

"You think I have no feelings, and that I can do without one bit of kindness; but I cannot live so: and you have no pity" (Brontë 44).

This is to say: Jane Eyre always believed that even the most solitary of human beings require some form of kindness and social acceptance to survive. Through solidarity, a person's independance can become strong, but they will be detatched from society and often struggle to fill the hole within them where belonging once lived. Even though Jane lived her own life and found a way through, there lacked tangible relationships where even Jane desired the pity of her foes. It is to be said that Jane created a new home that rivals that of Gateshead and Lowood school; A new home to be comforting, inclusive and full of respect for eachother. To grow up healthy, kindness and respect are important to feel included.