Horizons: (Dis)Connecting Tensions


Thursday, May 3, 2018 (All day) to Saturday, May 5, 2018 (All day)


Ostrava, Czech Republic

We live in a divided, ambiguous world. We try to figure out who are “we”, who are “they” and we are looking for what separates us, how different and better we are. We build our own community, yet at the same time that’s what sets us apart from others. A dialog outside of our social bubble often creates tension, which could be unpleasant or unbearable, so we rather stay “with ours”.

Tension is necessary though to reach understanding in a dialog. To create something new it’s necessary to discuss something strange, unknown and sometimes contrary to our position. The same tension that divides us can connect us then.

Horizons 2018 will look for connections in what’s disconnected, for what’s common in differences, for what holds together in a conflict. We will emphasize on subjects of mental health, racism/xenophobia, partners-family relationships and education. The symposium is for people interested in the aforementioned subjects, professionals or general public, specifically for facilitators, mediators, therapists, social workers, community workers, educators, activists and others.

More information:  http://horizonty.narativ.cz/en/