SIGNAL was formed in the Fall of 2003 by a group of ambitious students...

 It's members varied in age, but had a common goal; to improve their personal growth, networking and leadership skills in both life and in the business world. Having sufficient networking and leadership skills will enable SIGNAL members to successfully bridge the gap between education and the business community. 

SIGNAL is a student organization that focuses its members' personal and professional growth, networking and leadership development. Through listening and talking to UNH and  Paul College Alumni, SIGNAL members will learn about the personal growth and evolution of organizational leaders. We are interested in their specific career paths, life stories, and the skills and techiques they acquired along the way, therefore we can learn from their experiences. 

SIGNAL members are constantly working on their leadership and networking skills, in and outside of class. SIGNAL promotes extroverted members and seeks members who wish to become more friendly, out-going, and happy people, who desire success in the business community. The members of SIGNAL wish to actively build relationships with regional businesses and with other business schools, in order to promote the image of UNH, PCBE and SIGNAL in the surrounding area.