Engineered Cell Penetrating Peptides


Ma W, Suh WH. Engineered Cell Penetrating Peptides. In: Control of Amphiphile Self-Assembling at the Molecular Level: Supra-Molecular Assemblies with Tuned Physicochemical Properties for Delivery Applications. ACS ; 2017. pp. 297-319.


Cell penetrating peptides (CPPs) have shown promise in delivery of therapeutics into cells. CPPs can be described as short amino acid sequences, typically <40-mer, that is able to readily translocate across the cell membranes. The properties and uptake mechanism depend largely on the amino acid sequence, which dictates the CPP secondary structure and overall interactions with the phospholipid bilayer. This book chapter aims to give a general overview on the various classes of CPPs, the cell-entry mechanisms, and published pre-clinical and clinical trials using CPPs.

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