The Sustainability Dual Major was established at the University of New Hampsire in 2016. Students from any UNH college or major can pair the Sustainability Dual Major (SDM) with their primary major.  The SDM is a program of study that enables students to understand and act on the environmental and social challenges and solutions needed to create a more sustainable world.

SDM students come from all across campus, pairing their interest in sustainability with majors as diverse as journalism, engineering, business, and art, to name only a few. However, all SDM students share a passion for improving the world from their individual paths. The students in this vibrant community often reflect on how much they appreciate the relationships they build in this major.

Students take three core courses in Sustainability and five electives from approved courses across campus. These requirements ensure that all students gain the same fundamental knowledge, while pursuing their individual interests.  The three core courses are: 

This website is dedicated to exploring the culminating work of the capstone class.

SUST 750 Spring 2019