Elective Reflection: Advanced Reporting: Climate Change and the Environment

During the fall semester of my junior year, (Fall 2018) I had a really neat opportunity to learn all about climate change and environmental reporting with my favorite professor and mentor, Tom Haines. It wasn't listed as an elective but I was able to pull a double whammy and count it towards my major AND the SDM.

We learned about the current climate situation which was neat becuase I already knew all about the climate from my SUST 401 class I took. We also had a visit from the legendary Cameron Wake to tell us about the sea-level rise scenario for east coast NH. The course was writing intensive but we were able to take time with our stories that involved a lot of different stakeholders. I've attached my stories below. My final story that I did was about UNH graduate students doing research on Artic permafrost. Going into the story I had absolutley no idea what permafrost was and was immediately imtimated by the scientists I was talking to. I found out that they LOVE talking about their research and it was an incredible learning experience for me. After tons of editing and jargon, it is one of the best stories I've written in my early career as a journalist. This class helped me realize that sustainability and journalism are a perfect match and I could not be more excited to use both sets of skills!

Climate Change and Mental Health in NH13 KB
Permafrost Story10.53 MB