I decided to take Sust 401 after already have completing most of my classes for the dual major, making my timeline a little backwards! For me, this is the class where I learned more about the three pillars, which is when I realized most of my knowledge was based around the economic and environmental sectors. Most of my sustainability knowledge came from my classes involving energy, in which cost and environmental protection were highly emphasized. This left much room for learning more about the social pillar, the least emphasized of the three rings. 
The most impactful project for me was the food solutions racial equity challenge, which our class learned more about the racism deeply imbedded in the American system. The kick off event was a talk from a farm in New York, where they work to change these deep problems by hiring black workers. Every week we recieved emails with more information about the various problems within our broken system. These emails highlighted things such as inner city food desserts, farmer's lack of rights, and the continuage of sharecropping in the United States. These problems were very eye opening for me, and have permanently changed the way I buy food and think about our food system. 


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