I took sustainability 501 in the Fall of 2019. With much of the class focusing on the theories behind sustainability science, I struggled with the more conceptual topics. As a business marketing major, there is often more emphasis on human connection and the power of networking. 
 For applying the theories, we learned more about a project happening along the seacoast. Cam wake and others had spent time researching the change that would be happening along the seacoast, then worked to create a report of recommendations for each town to implement. By working together with others, as well as the towns, this transdiciplary work was able to span across groups in order to create real change. These towns were able to address the wicked problem of climate change and create actions that can be used to help these towns become more resilient for these coming changes.  
Hampton NH lowtide soil erosion
A picture depicting the soil erosion during lowtide in Hampton nh