My experience during 501 turned out to be a stark contrast to my experience during 401. Unlike 401, I found 501 to be hard to conceptualize. Since I had trouble fully understanding the material it made it hard to foster a strong interest in the class. Even so, I feel like I understood some ot the major themes from this class. My biggest takeaway from 501 is that sustainability issues, or “wicked problems”, require experts from a variety of fields when being tackled. Additionally, another takeaway I got from 502 is that working with individuals from other fields can often create barriers to communication. This happens because often people in different fields have different expectations or style of communication. Another lesson I learned during 501 was that many communities by the coast are currently grappling with sustainability issues. Specifically, Portsmouth experiences seas level rise during big storms; which can cause damage to houses and cars. Additionally, coastal towns in Maine, such as Kennebunkport and Portland, are also experiencing issues with rising sea levels. Overall, this class prepared me for the Sustainability capstone. It provided me with guidelines of how to communicate effectively with individuals from other disciplines. 

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