The Social Economy was my favorite Sustainability elective that I took during college. It was my favorite elective because of three fundamental reasons: the content of the class, the structure of the class, and the professor who taught it. Firstly, I really enjoyed the content of the class because it focused on the idea of social economy. Social economies involve different businesses and organizations that share the values and sometimes features. In class, we talked a lot about using social economies to create economic opportunity for all.  Secondly. I enjoyed the structure of the class because the professor, Professor Swack, would lecture in front of the class with no notes. It felt like he was telling a story. Finally, Professor Swack was an amazing professor because he was skilled at breaking down complicated topics and he also was very personable with his students

The most important skills that I gained from this course were how to write an effective research paper. For this class, there was only one assignment. This assignment was a semester long research paper. This paper was very involved and it took a lot of planning throughout the semester. Before writing the paper, I had to create a detailed outline and conduct a significant amount of research. The paper itself took the majority of the semester to complete. Accordingly, I now feel that I have the skills to write an extensive research paper. 

Subsequently, after taking this class I learned that I enjoyed learning about business through an environmental lense. Before I took The Social Economy I found business to be boring and had felt like I had chosen the wrong major. However, when I learned about how business could be used to help local communities I realized I had actually picked the correct major for myself. Personally, I feel that I would really enjoy working in a social economy. I feel that it would be way more collaborative and beneficial than a traditional competitive economy would be.

Social Eonomy