Before enrolling in SUST 401 I had a narrow view of sustainability and though it was only about improving the state of and conservation of the natural environment. In sustainability 401 we learned the basic concepts of sustainability through the three pillars of people, planet, and economics. Looking at “wicked problems” through this framework allowed me to see what sustainability was really about and how these problems must be approached to find the best solution 


This class greatly expanded my understanding of sustainability and opened my eyes to the sustainability efforts at UNH. I was unaware of the sustainability tour and the massive impact of the cogen plant, which I found to be particularly interesting. As a business major I also appreciated the strong business connections in 401. This was very apparent in the section on various measurements of GDP and their strengths and weaknesses. 


Overall this class motivated me to continue down the path of the sustainability dual major and left me with a much better understanding of what sustainability meant.