SUST 401 is an introductory course that lays out the framework of exactly what sustainability is and how it can be applied to real world "grand challenges". One of the main learning aspects of this course is linking knowledge to action. Implementation strategies are crucial in determining the success of sustainability efforts. My favorite part of this course was a personal action project, where each of my classmates and I chose an aspect of sustainability to address in our everyday lives. We documented our experiences daily for one month, detailing challenges and discoveries we encountered along the way. 

For my personal action project, I chose to attempt a vegetarian lifestyle, allowing limited seafood consumption. I thoughtfully chose this lifestyle change due to unsustainable agriculture practices utilized in the United States. After learning that agriculture is the number one direct and indirect driver of climate change, I decided the most effective way to make an impact on an individual level is to consume less meat. 

During this process of restricting meat from my diet, I gained a heightened sense of awareness when it comes to my consumption and its impact on the environment. Even though I took this course over a year ago, this awareness has stuck with me and influences what I choose to eat on a daily basis. I truly do think twice before ordering a cheeseburger at a restaurant, and I no longer purchase any meat products during my bi-weekly trip to the grocery store. Conscious consumption is now a central part of my everyday life, and I attribute this to my experience in linking knowledge to action in SUST 401.

I have attached my personal action project reflection in the link below, so please feel free to look it over for a more in depth outline of my experience going meatless for the environment!


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