The course, NR 602: Environmental Policy, is where I learned about the important role policy plays in driving sustainability efforts on the local, state, federal, and global levels. I first became passionate about protecting the environment when I learned about people exploiting the environment for profit. I could not believe that these corporations were getting away with these criminal acts. I wondered to myself, “Why is noone stopping them? How are people letting them get away with this?” That was when I realized I couldn’t sit back and wait for someone to advocate on behalf of the planet that provides us with life. I decided to dedicate my college career to collecting the knowledge I need to be the most influential advocate possible: through policy action. I studied the Safe Drinking Water Act and became fascinated by its power to protect vulnerable communities, but shocked to discover it does not apply to hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”). Fracking is responsible for contaminating fresh drinking water sources in a significant number of communities across the United States. I wrote my final paper for the course arguing why the Safe Drinking Water Act should include hydraulic fracturing and identify this extraction as a threat to drinking water sources. I have attached this paper below.

Safe Drinking Water Act and Hydraulic Fracturing Paper122 KB