Clara's 401 Reflection

Sustainability 401 was a useful introduction to the concept of sustainability.  It introduced the three pillars of economic, environmental and social sustainability.  We learned about the shortcomings of GDP and how the human development index can be used in its place.  In environmental sustainability, we learned of the different environmental cycles and how to classify biodiversity.  In the category of social sustainability, we dove into how to classify goals of social sustainability as equity, awareness, participation or social cohesion.   By gaining this base knowledge of the topic, it allowed me to think about how to connect sustainability to different sectors of society on a local and global scale.  In terms of my own life, it made me think about my impact on the world.  We had a final project where we challenged ourselves to make a change in our own lives.  For me, I tried to go zero waste.  This gave me a whole new appreciation for what it means to lead a sustainable life. By seeing how I can make individual changes in my own life, it broadened my interest in what other changes can be made on bigger scales.  It encouraged curiosity in how I can use this knowledge in my future career, leading me to proceed with the dual major.