Another impactful class I had taken for the sustainability dual major was Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production (SAFS 405). I had little experience with the agricultural sector, and decided it would be a great class to incorporate as our food systems is one of the most wasteful energy and resource wise. The class explored significant impacts from American food production, as well as the scientific and biological principles that introduce the concept of sustainable agriculture. A major takeaway from that class was learning my own significant impact I had as a consumer, and it taught me to strive for getting better environmental products.


A major assignment we had in the class was two research-based evidence papers. Each student was to explore a topic of choice relating to sustainable agriculture. The second one I wrote was the one I found most interesting. It was on the topic of incorporating biodegradable plastic in agriculture techniques. Farmers use a term called plasticulture, which includes; plastic mulch films, row covers, low and high tunnels, drip irrigation tape, hay bale wraps, and plastic trays and pots. These practices became universally carried out in the agriculture business. I found through the research assignment there have been many initiatives to create biodegradable plastic, and they found a way by using starch proteins. Attached below is my research paper containing much more information on the topic!