SUST 750 has definitely been one of my favorite courses at UNH over the years. It bridged together all my previous sustainability courses by applying my  knowledge gained to a real life project! Seeing all of the projects my group and the others in the class are doing gives me motivation for when I graduate. I previously was not sure how applicable my sustainability dual major would have been in the real world, as it is a relatively new field. However, this class showed me as well as excited me for future career options that promote sustainability. The students in this class are all extremely passionate about sustainability, which I love and I will most certainly remember the great energy of my peers in the future.

Working on the Southern Maine coastal resilience project this semester was definitely an experience like no other. My group members and I all come from different disciplines, and it was very interesting to see their perspectives coming not from a political science major, which is what I am! This project definitely had its obstacles, but our group was able to overcome them and we also became very close working together all semester! Working on a project that actually will make a difference felt very empowering, which for me, was why I had so much fun doing it, even for the tougher parts.

Looking through each coastal town on the east coast was definitely tedious, but we were able to find very cool initiatives from other towns that Southern Maine could take into consideration! One of these towns is Arverne, New York. This town teamed up with private developers to make “Arverne by the Sea”, a resilient development in the town. They raised homes, angled roads to mitigate wind impacts, as well as putting their electrical system underground in waterproof vaults. When superstorm Sandy hit, Arverne was the only town on long island with power, as well as a working grocery store for 6 months after. Here is a link with more information on Arverne’s work!