Career & Next Steps

The SDM accents all primary majors, producing well-rounded and informed students interested in sustainability. The SDM has complemented my primary major, zoology, by advancing my awareness of grand challenges and furthering my passion for environmental issues as well as social sustainability. Something that I had not anticipated when enrolling in the SDM program was the focus on the economic pillar, I have learned a great deal about the role of business in a sustainable future. This perspective was unlike anything I had experienced in courses for my primary major and minors.

Post-graduation, I will be working as a full-time animal keeper at the Bergen County Zoo in NJ. The facility strives to be a center of education and conservation, which aligns with my interests in spreading sustainability to others. In addition to my job as a zookeeper, I am pursuing a volunteer position on my town’s sustainability committee, to further my professional interests! In anything that I take on in my career path, I will be bringing what I have learned in my SDM experience along with me.