For my second and third electives counting toward the SDM, I participated in EcoQuest’s “Ecology in Action” summer study abroad program. In this 5-week program, I traveled to New Zealand and took two courses: NR 660 (Ecology and Biogeography of New Zealand) and NR 662 (Environmental Policy, Planning and Sustainability in New Zealand).

This experience was unforgettable and an incredible learning experience, I was able to learn about the unique biodiversity, management policies, governance, and culture of New Zealand first-hand. Throughout the program, we executed research on kiwi calls and small mammal traps, to track the presence of invasive pests on the island. Although I was not able to participate in the semester long program, the experience was fulfilling and better fit my academic workload. EcoQuest furthered my passion for sustainability.

You can read up on more information about EcoQuest here!