Sustainability Capstone

In the Sustainability Capstone (SUST 750), I was able to take all that I had learned over the course of the Dual Major and apply it to a real scenario through our project while also continuing to learn.

The project I worked on was to bring Splash programming to UNH, more specifically to pilot sustainability workshops to high school students. Our group ended up creating three hour-long workshops called “What is Sustainability?,” “Sustainability in Action,” and “Sustainability Topics in Depth.” We went through what we had learned in our time at UNH and discussed our curriculum with various professors and education professionals to create these themes. All of the themes were broken down further into smaller lessons taught by each member of the group. I learned a lot from this project, particularly around keeping students engaged in a virtual format, how to make a teaching plan, the marketing strategies that could work for these kinds of programs, and how to work successfully within tight deadlines.

In addition to the project, I was able to take so much from this course. We completed readings and had many discussions on both sustainability and methods on how to create the best quality papers for our projects. In class, we frequently checked in with one another on our projects and on our portfolios. This was a great way to engage the interdisciplinarity of the group, as so many of us have different majors in addition to the SDM. The portfolio assignments really allowed me to reflect on just how much I have experienced and learned over the course of my four years at UNH. I have made many connections over the course of the Dual Major and really enjoyed seeing all of the final projects in this class.