Next Steps

The Sustainability Dual Major, overall, had a huge impact on my time at UNH and the trajectory I would like to take in the future. I was relatively unsure of what I wanted my career path to be when I entered college. Now, I have a much clearer picture of where I want to go.

I went into the SDM thinking I knew most of what was involved with sustainability, but I was mistaken. By taking a variety of electives and the required courses, I have been able to truly understand what sustainability entails. These classes set in motion my drive to help not only the environment, but the people of the world as well.

Over the course of my four years in college, I have had several work experiences that combined my marketing and sustainability majors. First, I worked as the Program Assistant at the STEM Discovery Lab at UNH Manchester, where I got to help teachers provide STEM programming to students across many grades throughout the summer. I then got the amazing opportunity to be the Marketing & Communications Intern at The Nature Conservancy in New Hampshire. Being able to work with so many individuals that have a variety of different skillsets felt parallel to what I was taught in the Dual Major. Additionally, through UNH, I was able to take part in the B Impact Clinic and work with Piscataqua Savings Bank. Through these experiences, the SDM, and more, I realized that I want my career to be able to help people and the environment, whether through non-profit or for-profit work.