Sustainability Perspectives and Methods is where I established that I wanted to declare the dual major in Sustainability. While SUST 401 focused on the basics of sustainability and the challenges that are involved in it, SUST 501 provided knowledge on collaboration, interdisciplinary research, and applied them to many real world problems within Durham or close to the Durham community.

We went on trips to go see Wagon Hill Farm and the salt marsh conservation efforts, along with traveling to Route 1A to see the flood resilience project/information to protect this location from sea-level rise. 

While diving into some real examples, our class also participated in editing a chapter in the Sustainability Methods Reader. In doing this, it allowed me to really see how interdisciplinary teams can work together with a common goal. Being a communication major at UNH as well, has allowed me to work on my ability to collaborate with those that have different mindsets and skills than I do. It was interesting for me, because I feel like this is where both of my majors finally crossed paths.