My Experience in Environmental Ethics

The first elective that I took to meet the elective requirement for the Sustainability Dual Major was a course entitled Environmental Ethics, I took this course during the fall 2018 semester (my first semester at the University of New Hampshire). I took it intending to meet the Environment, Technology, and Society Discovery Program requirement, not knowing that it would later meet an elective requirement for the SDM, which I had not yet declared. I enjoyed this course for two primary reasons. One, the professor who teaches it, Professor Jennifer Armstrong, is an exceptional professor. She delivered the course content in an engaging and well-organized way. Two, the course explored important questions like, how can we explain the domination and subordination relationship that we have with the Earth? Can capitalism explain it? Can it be paralleled to the domination and subordination relationships we see between men and women in society? Ultimately, this course lead me to declare an SDM. I knew that I wanted to continue to study what we studied in this course and pursuing the SDM was the perfect way to do that.