Sustainability 501 was the next step in developing ourselves as sustainability dual majors. SUST 501 focused on problem solving and advanced inter/transdisciplinary concepts. There was still a strong focus on the triple bottom line but we focused more so on largescale community projects like Wagon Hill Farm and Hampton's Flood resiliency program. My favorite concept we learned about was citizen science where everyday people regardless of science background or not could get involved with the process. Projects such as these were measuring shoreline erosion or the amount of ticks present on white-tailed deer in northern New Hampshire. We also learned about ecosystems a little bit through a program called SAMPS. SAMPS is a program all about wetland management so amphibians can keep their habitat intact and go on to reproduce during an event called "Big Night". 

For the final part of the course we got the chance to create and write a textbook based on what we learned that semester. We broke it down among the entire class and each pair wrote a chapter. It was an amazing way to get hands on with the material we learned and put it to something useful rather than the usual "You'll need to know this one day". That's what SUST 501 & the SDM are all about, knowledge you can put into action immediately across any discipline.