SUST 750 and Next Steps

This class has deepened my knowledge on sustainability by allowing me to get hands on with a project. The project my group and I worked on was creating a sustainability tour for the university. The interdisciplinary research applied in the capstone from when I learned them in 501. The research we preformed allowed us to learn more about sustainability on campus and appreciate how interconnect everything on campus is. The greatest take away from this project was seeing how sustainability on campus has a great ripple effect on making positive impacts on the students and faculty. SUST 750 encouraged me to apply everything I have learned over the last 4 years to real life scenario.

Over the last four years I have been able to connect my majors analytical economics and sustainability to broaden my perspective. I have been able to grow and narrow my interests. In the future I hope to work for a company who values sustainability in all parts. This last semester showed me that I would also enjoy a job that focuses on social sustainability specifically as I learned more about over the semester.