SUST 750 brought together all of my previous experiences ranging from engineering to wildlife conservation to develop a capstone project dedicated to Natural Climate Solutions. Through the discussion of different ideologies and practices as a class we were able to dive deeper into problem solving, systems thinking, presentation & writing styles, and much more. Working in an interdisciplinary team isn’t something that was new to me but the scope of natural climate solutions was. One thing I have found absolutely true with every interdisciplinary project is that each team is vastly different in terms of workflow, ideology, and passion. It is probably my favorite thing about studying sustainability as it has made every topic more interesting and every challenge worth facing. 

The Sustainability Dual Major complimented Mechanical Engineering incredibly well by developing me into a well-rounded academic student. Engineering provided the rigid discipline of equations, physics, and math while sustainability educated me on wicked problems and the triple bottom line. While engineers are anticipated as being incredibly technical; sustainability has given me an edge as an engineer who understands the big picture while on the technical road to get there. In the next steps of my life I want to be an engineer with a purpose that extends beyond what an engineer is typically responsible for. I want to create and work on systems that provide for the future with the best interests at heart. In terms of a career that suits me best; I wish I had the answer to that, but for now a job with a greater purpose will be enough for me.