One of my favorite electives was CEE 705; Intro to Sustainable Engineering with Professor K. It was the first class I took that was directly on the boundary between my two degrees. It is also where I discovered the sustainable energy minor which led to my other favorite classes. The class mainly focused on Life Cycle Analysis, engineering solutions, carbon offsetting, and development philosophies. Learning how to analyze solutions from a lifetime perspective rather than addressing only the immediate need; developed me as a young professional even more.  The final exam was one of the most interesting ones I have ever taken which required us to calculate the life cycle analysis of a real Christmas tree vs a fake Christmas tree. The class was also the beginning of a company I co-founded called "Scrapp". Without the principles and the direct support of Dr. K we would not have made it as far as we have. Sustainable engineering helped channel ideas into action through concrete practices and tools to measure your impact as both an individual and a greater community. You would be missing out if you had the opportunity to take this course and didn't.