The first required course for all Sustainability Dual Major students is SUST 401: Surveying Sustainability. This class covers in-depth interpretations of what Sustainability means, and how the definition has evolved throughout history. It was my first time formally discussing the three pillars of sustainability (economic, social, and environmental) and how each pillar is so sensitive to changes occurring in other pillars. We discovered through case studies, documentaries, news stories, and academic readings that a conscious effort has to be made by the human race to re-establish a balance between the pillars – without this maintained equilibrium, the effectiveness of our systems cannot be sustained. We also spent a good amount of time investigating topics such as environmental justice and social inequality – this really inspired me to reflect on how the impacts of unsustainable practice disproportionately affect certain populations, and how we can come together to create innovative solutions that consider all stakeholders. Another major takeaway was how many simple changes we are capable of implementing in our own lives to positively influence the environment. Our everyday activities as an entire human race add up quickly and can wreak havoc on the environment. By reducing shower times, biking instead of driving, and choosing vegetarian and vegan options, we can change the course of the climate narrative.