SUST 750

This capstone course has been a lesson in all the ways I can apply my SDM experiences to whatever I choose to work on. In this course I was able to synthesize the foundations built in 401 and 501, the information I learned in my electives, and the skills from my primary major into a tangible final project that reflected my abilities and interests. Whenever I tell people that my primary major is English in conjunction with the SDM, the response is always something to the effect of: "Oh, wow, that's really interesting. I would never think to pair the two, why did you?" The answer, which I think is reflected in the results of my team's project, is that the social pillar of sustainability is reliant on effective communication and garnering support for solutions to societal challenges. As an English major I have spent the past four years refining my analytical and expository writing skills and learned how to tell the stories that need to be told in a way that best suits the target audience. In the SDM, I was exposed to a variety of "wicked problems" and innovative ways to address them. The more I learned, the more I realized that I am best suited for communicating the significance of these problems to those who have less background than myself. Working on the UNH Campus Sustainability Tour was an opportunity to give back to the UNH community, engage others in sustainability, and use my education in real-time. I learned about how deeply intertwined sustainability is within the UNH community and did work that will hopefully educate others on how they can become involved. 

Career and Next Steps

Without reiterating what I expressed in the previous section, I believe that the SDM was a great compliment to my primary major because it led me to knowing - at least for now - what my strengths and passions are. I hope do work that continues to combine the humanities and sustainability and contributes to the betterment of my local community. I have become a stronger writer, researcher, and communicator after completing the SDM and want to use those skills in my professional life. As of right now, I open to a variety of work; some examples I think I'm best-suited for include scientific communication, community outreach, and professional writing. My eventual goal is to work in the field of environmental policy, but I am at peace knowing that the SDM has made me capable of work I have yet to consider.

Check out the slides from my team's URC presentation!

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