I took CEE 520, Environmental Pollution and Protection, as one of my sustainability electives. This is an environmental engineering course, but it is designed to fulfill the Discovery ETS requirement at UNH so one does not need to be an engineer to succeed in the course. The main takeaways that I received from the course were how environmental pollution issues occur and how an environmental engineering perspective can seek solutions to those issues. We spent time doing virtual field trips, due to COVID, where we reflected on how the engineering of the establishments we toured impacted the local environment. One activity that stood out to me was when we conducted a self-guided tour of storm water treatment and engineering devices in Durham. I learned where to locate all the permeable pavement on campus. Another strong facet on the class was the lectures dedicated to identifying E-waste as a global issue, the damage it causes, and some of the policies existing around it. E-waste is a relatively new but rampant issue in the sustainability field and overall climate justice movement. The problems were something that I vaguely considered before, but didn't have deeper knowledge of.