Portfolio Part 3-- Reflection on Elective

Reflection on Globalization and Global Population Health 

One of the most interesting classes I took is ANTH 695: Globalization and Global Population Health. This course discussed the polices, theories and approaches used to answer major contemporary questions such as, “How does colonial history and colonization affect the unequal development of public health?” and “How is/does privatization affect the public health sector?” and “Is health a fundamental human right?” These contemporary questions were answered using a multidisciplinary lens by utilizing case studies, ranging from the HIV/AIDS epidemic, substance abuse in Western African communities and aging population in around the world.


By getting a better understanding these current models and debates, I can understand complex topics relating to globalization with a more critical approach. Socioeconomics, sociocultural, economics, governance and a community’s history are some of the factors studied in this course. While these topics did not directly relate to my primary major, this course introduced me to topics and idea that I normally wouldn’t be exposed to. Most of my classes are based in Natural and Biological Systems, so it was interesting take a course based in Social Systems and Humanities. In my engineering courses, I have been interested in and drawn towards community and public health, mostly as it related to common environmental problems (i.e. drinking water contamination, vector controls, sanitation). That’s why I think I connected a lot to this class; I was introduced to a more social perspective of these environmental problems and got a “real life” insight of the consequences and impacts these issues and my future career.


While this class might not have direct connections with my future sustainability career, this class made me more knowledgeable and introduced me to topics I never thought were so important, like how our aging affects our cultural attitudes and traditions. I think by getting better understanding of the world around me, I become a more experienced and knowledgeable citizen. This helps me in my career as I can get a better understanding of the world and its issues. This allows me to analyze problems I face in my future career more critically and have a better understanding of the social and cultural impacts these problems.