Sustainability 401

One of my first sustainability courses at UNH, Surveying Sustainability, left me feeling hopeful and determined. I especially enjoyed learning how plausible it is for environmental, economic and social sustainability (the three pillars) to parallel. It does not have to be a trade off. Our economy can flourish not occasionally, but simultaneously as we take care of the citizens of the earth. With ideas such as creating shared value, we have the opportunity to move forward and build all three pillars in combination with one another. We are aware that our system is flawed, but we also know how to fix it. I find it overwhelmingly encouraging that this is an issue being addressed by professionals and that new ideas are being brought to the table constantly. 

One other aspect that I took away from this course was the personal action projects. During mine, I chose to eat vegan products for three weeks. I was delighted by how many creative combinations of food I could produce. Also, I learned about the significant impact we can make by altering our diets. It widened my perspective, and I came away with practical knowledge on the subject. In addition, I now have several wonderful vegan recipes to refer to!

Vegan food