The Sustainability Capstone is the culminating experience in a series of three core courses and five electives for the Sustainability Dual Major. Students are asked to synthesize the knowledge obtained in their core and elective courses taken for the Sustainability Dual Major and work in groups to apply that knowledge to a specific project. As sustainability science is focused on developing solutions to place-based sustainability challenges, students will delve into a specific sustainability issue, applying their disciplinary expertise within interdisciplinary teams.

SUST 750 is designed and taught by Dr. Erin Hale, Lecturer and Program Coordinator for the Sustainability Dual Major.

This website has two purposes. The first is to provide information and products associated with the team-based capstone projects. The second is to create a shared space for students to reflect upon and synthesize their sustainability dual major experiences in individual ePortfolios.

2018 Capstone Students

Sustainability Capstone Students, Spring 2018