Alison Eagan


Alison Eagan is a senior journalism and sustainability dual major from the small city of Rochester, NH.  Her inspriation for her studies started when she heard about a non-profit publication, The GroundTruth Project, who seeks to inform  and speak truth through reporting on human rights issues, environemtnal issues, political, and pretty much all things related to sustainability (but she didnt know what sustainability was at the time). Alison heard about the SDM her sophopmore year and decided to take advantage of the opportunity.  

She knew from the first day of class that this was exactly where she needed to be.

Alison owes her passion for human rights, environemtal awareness and social justice to her time volunteering (and now working) as a manager at the Freedom Cafe of Durham, NH, a non-profit cafe that seeks to end human trafficking and the commericial expolitation of all people through the consumption of ethically and consciously sourced products. She loves educating the community on these issues and her work there has largely influenced the type of journalistic career she wishes to pursue and what better way to do that than to pair it with the SDM!

She spends her free time working at the cafe, working as a line cook at Popover's in Portsmouth, petting her dog, Link, learning to cook delicious meals, and buying house plants. 

Wondering what she's learned? Check out her reflections!

Surveying Sustainability

Perspectives and Methods

Advanced Reporting: Climate Change and the Environment

ECOG 401: Intro to Ecogastronomy

Sustainability Capstone

Career Goals