Andrea Tutuny

One of my favorite places!   Senior Picture.

Hello! My name is Andrea Tutuny, a second semester senior here at the University of New Hampshire. I am double majoring in Sustainability and Political Science. When I was younger, I absolutely loved being outdoors. My parents would always struggle with getting me to come inside as I felt like the outdoors was where I was meant to be. My sophomore year of high school I took and environmental science class which opened my eyes to the ongoing climate issues we face. I knew from that class on I needed to be apart of the action to conduct monumental change. I chose political science to complement my sustainability major as I noticed the power lies within the government. No substantial change can be made if we cannot change the perspectives of the people in power. This semester I will be working on the climate resiliance project, pertaining to coastal communities in Maine fighting for their future. I am very excited to be apart of this project, and to contribute my knowledge of politics and sustainability to further advance this project.

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