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Hello! My name is Bosi Mosongo. I am originally from Kenya but raised in Indianapolis, IN. After highschool I began my journey in Levelland TX but, after two years I craved an even more drastic scene change. 

New Hampshire was the state of choice where I major in Analytical Economics and Sustainability as well as a Sustainable Energy minor. I came upon the dual major of sustainability through a discovery class provided by the University. Upon my quest on what to do with my life, I couldn't forget my love for the environment and animals. My majors bounced around from Environmental Sciences to even Geology but I eventually landed on a 'safe' business path. However through Contemporary Conservation Issues I fell into the sustainability dual major.

In the midwest with nothing interesting to do but watch race cars, when not in class I spent a lot of time on the track running, jumping, and throwing as a heptathlete. I have had the chance to travel back to Kenya few times to my home continent and each time I arrive with more sustainable knowledge. I hope to take what I learn in Sustainability and apply it to developing nations at all levels!

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