Capstone Projects

The students in SUST 750 work in interdisciplinary teams to address a local sustainability challenge. The student projects are all part of on-going initiatives at and beyond UNH to develop solutions to sustainability problems. Each team has a mentor that provides background context, defines the specific student project, and guides student work throughout the semester. The students are responsible for providing the information and products requested by their mentors, and for presenting their work at the UNH Undergraduate Research Conference.  


Spring 2020 Capstone Projects & Mentors

Project Mentor
B-Corps Dr. Fiona Wilson
Muncipal Climate Resilience -Natural capital Dr. Cameron Wake
Muncipal Climate Resilience -Manufactured capital Dr. Cameron Wake
UNH Net Zero Carbon Emissions Dr. Cameron Wake
Marketing Sustainability Education at UNH Dr. Vanessa Levesque
Joint Environmental Engineering  project n/a


Spring 2019 Capstone Projects and Mentors
Project Mentor
B Corp Dr. Fiona Wilson
Climate Resilience Dr. Cameron Wake
Sustainability Campus Tour Dr. Vanessa Levesque
Zero Waste Jenn Andrews & Colleen Flaherty


Resilience Team URC Poster 2019

Student poster presentation at the 2019 UNH Undergraduate Research Conference