Casey Shea

Hi everyone!

My name is Casey Shea and I am a senior Women's Studies and Sustainability dual major with a Psychology minor. I currently live in a town just 10 minutes north of Boston. I love reading, writing, hiking, going to concerts and travelling! Last year I spent four months in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia--It was the best time of my life! I hope that my career in the future takes me to different places both in the US and around the globe. I believe that once I began the Sustainability dual major journey, I became passionate about the environment, and ultimately sustainability. I try and implement the values we have learned in our major through my everyday decisions and routine. I am so grateful I found this passion and I cannot wait to see where it takes me! Pictured below is one of my favorite pictures of myself, it is from when I was able to visit a prominent Hindu Temple in Bali, Indonesia. 



Please refer to my PDF files below to read my six portfolio pieces!

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