Chrissy Delyani


Hi everyone! My name is Chrissy Delyani and I went to high school in Newton, Massachusetts. However, I have lived in seven different states and was born in St. Louis, Missouri. I study business and sustainability here at UNH. Alongside business, I also have a strong interest in sustainable agriculture and have been thinking about applying to a job related to that. Outside of school I enjoy running, listening to live music, and spending time with my friends. I decided to enroll in the sustainability dual major because I had learned a lot about the climate crisis and wanted help create a solution. 

Furthermore, I became very interested in how sustainable agriculture could help prevent climate change through both professional and personal experiences. Specifically, there are two major experiences that have sparked my interest in sustainable agriculture. Firstly, I learned a lot about sustainable agriculture when I volunteered at a blueberry farm in Florida through a program called WWOOF. The owner of the farm implemented several organic farming methods and was extremely concerned about water conservation. I had never really been concerned about the environment until I volunteered at his farm. Secondly, two summers ago I was able to work under Professor Brent Lloyd. I assisted professor Lloyd with his research on cross breeding squash in order to create disease resistant squash. During this time, I helped cross-pollinate squash and I also recorded data. I found the entire study to be very interesting and would love to work on something similar in the future. Both my experiences at the Blueberry farm and with Dr. Lloy have completely shaped what I want to do with my career.



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