Clara's Career Reflection

I have spent the past four years studying Civil Engineering here at UNH although my passion and interests always aligned more with sustainable development. Luckily, Civil Engineering and Sustainability complement one another well.  My experience in the dual major allowed me to go into my core engineering courses with an adjusted mindset.  A lot of engineering work goes deep into specifics.  With my sustainability perspective, I can view the same things more holistically and look at the bigger picture.  It makes me look at infrastructure, for example, as not just at a single purpose.  I think about how it will affect the ecosystem and community around it.  As I go toward my future career, I hope to be a part of the movement toward solving the wicked problems of today.  I do not know specifically what sector I want to work with yet.  However, I would love to be a part of the many multidisciplinary missions and projects fighting climate change and its cascading impacts.  Whether this be in the water, energy or agricultural sector, I don’t know.  My attraction to sustainable development, however, is unwavering and I am excited to see where my future takes me.

I have a continued passion for using my knowledge of both sustainability and engineering in projects in the developing world.  I have worked on sustainable agriculture projects in Northern Thailand and I have worked with Engineers Without Borders for most of my college career.  With EWB I have traveled to Tanzania to work on a clean drinking water project.  Starting next month, I am going to work for a company in Vermont who has just teamed with the Vermont EWB professional chapter on a project in Colombia.  I hope to bring my adapted skillset in sustainability and engineering to this project as well.nbm