Clara's SAFS 405 Reflection


Sustainable Agriculture and Food production was an introductory class to the definition and concepts associated with organic and sustainable agriculture.  I particularly enjoyed this course because it deviated greatly from most of my engineering coursework.  It explained different farming techniques and food systems and their impacts socially, economically and environmentally.  It introduced me to the idea of agricultural engineering which is a field of study I have a great interest in exploring.  We all eat, and I find it so interesting and important to be conscious of our food choices and what happens before the food reaches our plates.  After learning all this, I tried to eat as locally as I could to reduce my food footprint.  Within this course, our final projects involved a research paper.  I remember doing my paper on urban agriculture.  I found this concept enticing because as populations advance and metropolitan areas expand, there will be less fertile land to utilize for crop production.  As one way to mediate ramifications of this is to expand green spaces within an urban setting.  Rooftop gardens were a focus of the paper as well and their feasibility.  Tackling sustainability challenges, such as providing nutrition to food deserts, requires innovation and the idea of community gardens and urban agriculture could be a part of the solutions.