Clayton Bentley

Hello everyone, welcome.

My name is Clayton Bentley, and this is the start of my e-portfolio pertaining to my work as a future sustainability leader. You’ll see more of that as I progress but right now I am just here to give a quick little introduction about myself.

Along with my sustainability studies I also focus on business administration, particularly specializing in information systems.  In my free time I enjoy being out in nature, reading, painting, and riding my motorcycle.

Sustainability is something that we should all take very seriously, and even in small acts, can help solve some of the biggest problems we face today. I am overjoyed I have been able to join the academic frontlines of this movement and cannot wait to see how sustainability develops over time and what sort of advancements it brings with it.


Here is a picture of me (left) with my brother and sister last Christmas at Wentworth by the Sea. 

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Below  is part 1 of my portfolio explaining my experiences with sustainability over the two introductory courses (SUST 401 & SUST 501) and beneath that a small snippet of writing describing my experience with our Living Shoreline project at Wagon Hill Farm.

Here are parts 2-4 of my portfolio, detailing information that I have learned from the required electives necessary for the Sustainability Dual Major.

Part 5 of my portfolio contains relating sustainability to my primary major and career plans, or next steps.

Part 6 of my portfolio contains what I learned from working on a team project and my ideas about the Sustainability Dual Major overall.