Cole Bartlett

My name is Cole Bartlett and I am a senior at the University of New Hampshire majoring in Economics and Sustainability, along with a minor in Business. I had the opportunity to study abroad through the Eco-Quest program where I really found my passion and a strong interest in sustainability. I also run an outdoors brand that’s all about the planet and outdoor experiences. We also have created a large inclusive and open community. 

Growing up in Vermont I was constantly surrounded by adventure and the beauty of the natural world. I am interested in many different aspects of sustainability and think having a biodiverse world is one of the most important components of sustainability. I also have a strong passion for Equality and Financial Identity. The success of communities without strong systems in place is a very important topic to me. I truly believe this can be a bridge to helping create a sustainable and equal world for all. 

Eco-Quest allowed me to use hands-on learning to find a strong interest in sustainability, and since then have taken more electives and the required classes at UNH for the Sustainability dual major. I have a really strong passion, and skill set that will allow me to persevere and continue using my sustainability background side by side with my Economic background.

Past Course Experience:

Sustainability 401

Sustainability 501

Eco-Quest New Zealand

Global Enviromental Change

Sustainability CapStone