Intro to Ecogastronomy

During my sophomore year I had a neat opportunity to take a class dedicated to exploring our food system, ECOG 401. "EcoGastronomy is designed to integrate three broad fields of study and practice: sustainable agriculture, regional cuisine and hospitality management, and nutrition." 

We explored the idea of good, clean, and fair food, watched several documentaries, and delved deep into the book, "A Foodie's Guide to Capitalism," by Eric Holt-Giménez. It was interesting to see the complex components that make up our food system, especially the way it functions today. The documentaries like King Corn, In organic We Trust, and Sustainable, showed me how corrupt the food system has become and how it particulary affects farmers and people of poorer populations.

On Tuesday nights we had recitation which usually meant we would have the chance to listen to a guest speaker; someone who contributes to a more sustainable food system. These guest speakers ranged from owners of restaurants to professors. We also did a cool project that centered around the idea that food=community. We were assigned a group of people we didnt know and had to have a meal together and write about. My group wasnt that great and not very involved, but the idea of the assignment was neat.

Overall this course provided a more in-depth view of the food system and what we can do to influence and change it. Also, it certainly influenced the way I think about food and what products I spend my money on.

PS: I have attached a cool research paper I did about Cheerios.

 Cheerios Research Paper