Elective 1 POLT 458 Reflection

A sustainability elective that stood out to me was POLT 458 Drug Wars. This class was one of the most interesting classes I have taken at UNH. This class isn't something I would typically think about in relation to sustainability. As the class progressed it became more apparent to me how it was related to its topics of discriminated groups and how to deal with human health and its relation to drug use. The course explored various countries' approaches to drug regulation and how they seek to solve the problem of drug users through treatment. The course also explored the history of drugs and prohibition era in the United States and the various ways different administrations have responded to the problem. This class broadened my understanding of the drug problem in the US and its ripple effect through our health system and public life. The class culminated in a video project in which we had to think of a topic related to the course and make a video detailing the current approach and what could be done to solve the problem going forward.